beauty across borders
by Adam de Cruz

natural and complex
conceptual chemistry
timeless scent
the essence of yoga
institute of synesthesia

french craftmanship
inspired by your life

scientific revolution
transdermal therapy
cutting-edge biotechnology
stay handsome

parco palladiano
scent of memories
pour un homme
botancial creations since 1884
timeless scents
all the collections
sustainable botanicals
naturally derived
french longevity and regeneration
from amazonian land
by Nicolas Di Felice
science backed hydration
raw from Berlin
île Saint-Louis phramace
ethical from the core
myths and imaginary landscapes
theatrical beauty
synthetic explorations
for everything, for everyone
CBD pearls
scandinavian mindful living
alchemist’s garden
turning care around
value of the ocean
the aroma of Sudan

fuss-free skincare for men 
independent and contemporary
feel good beauty
by Pharrell Williams

eco friendly dental care 
the industrial collection
eau de toilette classique
the artisanal approach
art of eyebrow
mutiny and replica
aura of magnetic attraction

symphony of raw materials
complete routines
eau de parfum
swiss know-how by Alberto Morillas
essential of niche perfumes
modern wellness
the naturals notebook
l’air du temps
story-infused candles

luxury haircare
poetic fragrances
power of oils
low intervention skincare

exceptional antioxidants
floral nuances
femme moustache
smell better, stay cleaner
mineral strength
artisanal oral care

redefining luxury sun care
japanese charcoal
curious fascinations

laguna beach
non binary essence
korean art of skincare
organic bodycare 
health as an ecosystem

vetyver concoction
by Kiho Watanabe
unconventionally clean
potent botanicals

by Gucci Westman

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